Exterior Detailing with GLARE®

Car Detailing Exterior in Toronto

At Olivewood Auto Detailing we pay attention to the final look of the car. Having been in the Auto Detailing business for over 15 years, we have polished and buffed thousands of cars.

Using many products in the auto-polishing field, we have found GLARE® polish to be superior to all other polishers on the market. Once applied, the finish shines brighter, remains stronger and lasts longer than regular polishes. Application of GLARE® is quick and easy not to mention reduces your expenses.

We have switched all of our detailing products to GLARE®.  Now, day by day we can see the results in savings through using GLARE® polish: saving materials, time, and no mess in the shop. Most importantly, GLARE® will leave your customers satisfied with a perfectly detailed car. GLARE® professional Polish is the product to go for.

Ivan Petrov
Owner Olivewood Auto Detailing


About GLARE® Glassplexin®

GLARE® Professional Polish contains Glassplexin®, exclusively formulated to prepare, polish, seal, and protect your car’s paint finish in one, non-renewable application.  Glassplexin® is an exclusive paint sealant that flows like liquid glass, penetrating an sealing your car’s paint surface leaving an ultra high gloss finish. Blending into the paint, rather than just remaining on the surface, GLARE® Professional Polish fills in tiny valleys of pinpoint paint pores, hairline cracks and crevices, smoothing out spots where grime clings and corrosion begins, while leaving a glassy, silky smooth, but rock hard finish.

GLARE® Professional Polish also protects against ultra violet rays, blocks out corrosion, magnifies paint luster, repels foreign matter, and  won’t crack, fad, peel, or fall off.


Learn more about GLARE® at http://www.glare.com

If you want us to detail your car with GLARE®, or if you want to purchase GLARE® products to detail your car yourself, let us know. We are exclusive distributors for GLARE® products in Ontario.

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