GLARE Sahara Spray


GLARE Sahara Wash and Detail Spray (16 oz. Bottle)

Sahara Wash and Detail is a safe and effective wash and detail product rolled into one. This product is the perfect solution when water supply is limited. Sahara Wash and Detail is the only safe solution to washing and detailing your vehicle as an express polish or after care product. This is a beautiful after care product when your vehicle gets very dirty and you want to clean and maintain the original deep beyond wet look shine you received using the Glare Professional Polish. Safe on all exterior materials. The most revolutionary product of this kind on the market. Easy to use on all cars. Clear coat safe and recommended . This is the best spray polish you can buy. Great for use on motorcycles, glass, and polycarbonate as well.

Glare Sahara does not replace Glare Professional Polish, nor Glare Rapid Action which has a 6 months lasting protection, and is not a wash.


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GLARE Sahara Wash and Detail is the ultimate solution for both washing and detailing your vehicle, offering the convenience of an express polish or serving as an effective aftercare product. While it does not replace Glare Professional polish, it works wonders in maintaining the original deep, wet-look shine you achieved using Glare Professional Polish. With Sahara Wash and Detail, you can confidently keep your vehicle clean and retain its stunning appearance.

It’s a two-in-one product that combines the benefits of washing and detailing, making it a practical choice, especially when water supply is limited. This revolutionary offering stands apart from Glare Rapid Action, which focuses on providing 6 months of lasting protection and is not intended for washing purposes. Sahara Wash and Detail is safe to use on all exterior materials and ensures your vehicle’s clear coat remains unharmed and looking its best. Its user-friendly nature makes it suitable for all types of cars, and it comes highly recommended for maintaining the glossy finish of your vehicle.

In addition to cars, this versatile product can be used on motorcycles, glass, and polycarbonate surfaces, showcasing its remarkable flexibility. Embrace the cutting-edge technology of Beyond 22nd Century with this extraordinary spray polish and experience unparalleled results in your vehicle maintenance routine.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in

Application Instructions

GLARE Sahara may be used to clean paint, fiberglass, chrome , glass, carbon fiber, Plexiglas, and all metal alloys.

First Application: Spray GLARE Sahara directly on the dirty surface. Spread the product across the dirty paint or surface with a clean soft Glare microfiber cloth and allow the product to dry to a haze. Drying duration takes about one minute. Wipe off the dry product. A majority of the dirt will be lifted up off the surface alone with the dried product. You may need to repeat this first application for higher levels of dirt and grime. It is important that all dirt and debris be cleaned off during this first step before proceeding to the second application.

Second Application: Spray GLARE Sahara directly on the clean paint or surface. This time buff the product into the paint in a circular motion with a clean soft GLARE microfiber cloth until it disappears into the paint and a high gloss is visible. If needed, you may now proceed to using GLARE KnockOut Heavy Duty Compound, GLARE MicroFinish Compound, GLARE Spider Web and Swirl Removed, or GLARE Professional Polish once you are finished using GLARE Sahara.



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